Knitted Boot Toppers

These boot toppers are knit sideways and joined into a circle by sewing the cast on and cast off edges together. Alternately you can use the provisional cast on method and graft the ends together with a Kitchener stitch to make them seamless.
The outside is a baffled design created by a K4, P2 pattern and the inside (which goes into the boot to the same depth as you can see on the outside) is in garterstitch, to help it stay in place.
This sample is knit in King Cole's Safari Chunky which gives a great Animal Print colourway.

SIZE:  1 size fits most, can be adjusted to fit.
MATERIALS:     Minimum of 100m of good quality worsted/ Aran weight wool divided into 2 equal balls.
                        -8mm needles. (Note: if the boots are particularly wide at the top, you can use a larger needle, up to size 12mm).

DIRECTIONS:   Cast on 28.
Row 1: K16, (P2, K4) to the end.
Row 2: (P4, K2) 3 times, K10.

Repeat these 2 rows until the first ball is nearly all gone or until it fits snuggly when stretched around the top of the boot – approx. 17”.

Cast off loosely. Sew up the seam.

Fold in half with the garter stitch band to the inside. Slip over the top of the boot to fit. Make second topper.

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