SIZE: 7”x3”x10”
MATERIALS: - 3 balls (Approx 300 m chunky yarn)
- 5.mm needles 2 - 1” buttons
- 12”x12” piece of plastic canvas.
GAUGE : 17.5 sts = 4” in st st
Cast on 33 sts
Knit 3 rows
Beginning with a knit row, work in st st (K 1 row, P 1 row) until work measures 23 inches from the beginning.
Continue in garter st (K every row) until garter st section measures 6 ½ inches.
Button hole row: K 5, cast off 3 sts, K to last 8 sts, cast off 3, K to end of row.
Next row: K across, casting on 3 sts above the cast off sts of the previous row.
K 1 more row. Cast off.

Strap: Cast on 13 sts. Work in st st for 10 inches.
Next row: Sl 1, K 1 PSSO, K9, K2tog. (9 sts) (NOTE: for wider band, continue on the original 13 sts)
Continue in Garter st until strap measures 30 inches from the beginning when lightly stretched.
Next row: (if working on 11 sts) K1, inc in next st, K to last 2 sts, inc in next st, K1. (13 sts)
Continue in st st for another 10 inches, making sure that the knit side is facing the same direction as the first side section of the strap.

Finishing: Fold st st part of the bag in half and place a marker at the halfway point on each side. Mark the center st of the cast on and cast off edges of strap.
Join the st st portion of the bag to the st st portions of the strap matching the markers.

Bottom: Cut 2 sections of plastic canvas 3”x7” (or to match the size of the bottom of the bag. Using nylon thread, stack the 2 pieces of plastic canvas on top of each other. Turn the bag inside out and sew the plastic canvas along the seams at the bottom of each side of the bag and along the bottom.
If desired, cut 2 more pieces of plastic canvas 3”x2” and sew on the upper sides of the bag on the inside just below the garter stitch strap section.
Sew buttons in position.

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