World's Best Dishcloth

I've always been shy about admitting that I don't use knitted dishcloths, especially as we sell so much dishcloth cotton to those who think that they are the greatest invention ever. I have always found that the square ones didn't fit well into small areas, they just seemed too bulky.

Then I happened to start making a "diamond" swatch of this gorgeous new Cotton Supreme Batik from Universal Yarns and ran out of time, so I decided to do a bit more shaping and cast it off. I LOVE IT. It's the perfect size and shape for really getting into the bottom of glasses while still maintaining the great absorbancy and softness of the cotton.
Super Easy to knit. Hope that you like it as much as I do.
(My husband says that I should be embarassed as it looks like half a thong. Who Cares! I say.)

Size: approx. 18”x8”. Size it not important.

Materials: 50g worsted weight cotton. (I used Cotton Supreme Batik - 1 ball makes 2 dishcloths)
4.5mm needles.

Directions: Cast on 3 stitches. Knit 1 row.
Next row: K1, yfwd, knit to the end. 4 sts.
Repeat this row until there are 65 stitches on the needle.
Next row: K1, yfwd, knit to the last 3 sts. Inc. in the next stitch, K2. 67 sts.
Repeat this row until there are 80 stitches on the needle.
Next row: K1, yfwd, K2tog, Knit to the end.
Repeat this row for as long as you wish. ( I worked 5 rows)
Cast off loosely.

Copyright, WOOL-TYME Kingston, Anne Woodall, 2010

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monetgardening said...

Wow, what a wonderful idea he had. Just knit another, sew the two sides together and your husband won't need to buy swimming trunks this year. You could always present it to him on his birthday and comment on what a great idea it was lol ;)!!

I think your idea is fabulous and you may tell him I said so ;).