Baby Washcloth and Dribble Cloth in Bamboo Cotton

A new mom was in to the store a few weeks ago to get some cotton to knit facecloths for her baby. She had used her mother's cotton dishcloths to wipe the little one's face while she was visiting and found them to be wonderful at gently cleaning away all sorts of leftovers from baby's face.
By making these cloths of organic cotton, you get the glorious softness of this earth friendly material and the reassurance that baby is also having the benefit of a completely chemical free fibre as all of the colours are natural and undyed. These are quick, easy and luxurious little gifts that any mom would be pleased to receive.

Materials: 100g King Cole BAMBOO COTTON DK. or 300m of good quality bamboo and/or cotton blend.
5mm needles.

Cast on 43 sts. Knit 3 rows.
Eyelet row: K3, *Yfwd, K2tog, K2. Repeat from * to last end.

Pattern rows: K 3 rows.
4th row: K3, Yfwd, K2tog, K to last 4 sts. Yfwd, K2tog, K2.
Repeat these 4 pattern rows 12 more times.
K3 rows.
Repeat Eyelet row.
K 3 rows. Cast off loosely.

Cast on 31 sts. (39 for a wider cloth)
K3 rows.
Work eyelet row from Washcloth pattern.
Work the 4 pattern rows and repeat them 24 times or until desired length.
K 3 rows.
Repeat Eyelet row.
K 3 rows. Cast off loosely.

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