MATERIALS: - 1 ball fashion Ribbon type yarn: (Opulence, Capri, Eros, Dazzle)
- 5.5mm double pointed needles
- 3 large beads

To make I-cord:
I-cord is simply a 2 needle version of the corking that children do with a spool and nails. Here’s how its done.

Using 2 double pointed needles, cast on 5 stitches.
Row 1: Knit. Slide stitches to the other end of the needle. DO NOT TURN.
Row 2: Drawing the yarn from the last stitch of the previous row across the back of the work, knit the 5 stitches. Gently tug the cast on tail to bring the first and last stitches side by side. Slide stitches to the other end of the needle. DO NOT TURN.
Repeat Row 2 until the strand measures 5’ for a doubled strand necklace (if using thicker ribbon such as Opulence, or Dazzle) or 7’ for triple strands (when using lighter ribbon such as Eros).

Finishing: Fold strand in 2 or 3 sections according to the length that you knit. Slide the 3 beads onto the folded strands. To create the Loop end, using sewing thread sew strands together to create a loop that will fit snuggly over the first bead. At the opposite end tie a very secure overhand knot using all the strands. Secure with sewing thread if desired. Slide the first bead up against this knot and arrange the other beads opposite each other at the collar bone or wherever you like. Slip loop over the first bead to attach.
Copyright 2004 WOOL-TYME Kingston, Anne Cormier Woodall

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