Bulky Earflap Hat

SIZE: Finished head Circ. 20” 22” 24”.
Note that all sizes follow the same instructions but use different sized needles to achieve a bigger hat.

MATERIALS: - 100m Noro HITSUJI or any bulky weight yarn
- 8mm needles for smallest size, 10mm for med., 12mm for large.
- 2 stitch holders.

GAUGE : Small 11sts = 4”, Med. 10sts = 4”, Large 8sts = 4”.

Earflap – make 2:

Cast on 4 sts. Knit 1 row
1st inc. row: Mark as the right side. K1, inc. in next 2 sts by knitting into the front and the back of each,. K1. (6sts)
*Knit 3 rows.

2nd inc. row: K1, inc in next stitch, Knit to 2 sts from the end, inc. in next stitch, K1. (8 sts) Repeat from * until there are 12 stitches on the needle.
Knit 3 rows. Cut yarn and put stitches on a stitch holder.

Cast on 5 sts, work across the right side of one of the earflaps. Turn your work so that the earflap is in the left hand and cast on 20 stitches. Turn your work back and knit across the right side of the 2nd earflap. Turn your work and cast on a final 5 stitches. (54 sts)

Knit 4 rows. Purl 1 row.

Work in Stocking stitch (knit one row, purl one row) until hat measure 5”(Small), 5 ½ “(Med), 6”(Large) from the cast on row at the front, ending with a purl row.

1st dec. row: K2, (K3, K2tog) 10 times, K2. (44sts)
Next and every wrong side row: Purl.

Next dec. row: K2, (K2, K2tog) 10 times, K2. (34 sts)

Next dec. row: K2, (K1, K2tog) 10 times, K2. (24 sts)

Next dec. row: K2, (K2 tog) 10 times, K2. (14 sts)

Next dec. row: K2tog across. (7sts).

Cut yarn at approx 18” and thread through a tapestry needle.

Draw the needle and the yarn through the 7 remaining sts and pull up to close the gap. Sew back seam and weave in all ends. Fashion 2 woolen braids of the leftover yarn and attach to end of earflaps.

Copyright: WOOL-TYME Kingston, Anne Woodall 2011.


Deborah said...

This is adorable. I plan on starting on this right away.

Nymfadora said...

In answer to the heading above the box in the August newletter, it was an ear flap hat that got me started with knitting a couple of years ago, in Florida! (An ear flap hat that never got made LOL) I think I just might have to whip this baby up as a tribute! Plus the Hitsuji looks gorgeous!