Fingerless Gloves

SIZE: one size fits most. (For a smaller or larger glove, subtract or add stitches in increments of 4.)

MATERIALS: -1 skein (125m) of Manos del Uruguay wool or other aran weight yarn.
-5mm needles

Cast on 45 stitches.
1st row: (K3, P1.) Repeat to last st. K1.
Repeat this row until glove measures approx. 8”. (Note: This is not a K3, P1 rib. It is sometimes called a “mistaken rib” because only the middle one of each of the K3 stitches lines up.) Leave stitches on a stitch holder and break the yarn leaving about 40” tail to cast off. Work the second glove as the first and cast off at 8” if you have enough yarn to knit the glove that long. (If you don’t have enough yarn, measure the 2nd glove and pull back the first glove to match the length of the 2nd one.) Cast off loosely.

Starting at the cast off edge, sew up the side seam 5 ½”. Starting at the cast on edge, sew seam 1 ½”, leaving 1” opening for the thumb. For extra stability you can sew a stitch between each of the fingers; the gloves will stay in place better that way.

Copyright 2009 WOOL-TYME Kingston Anne Woodall

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