The Shoulder Wrap

NOTE: Pattern is written for the small ladies’ size. Medium directions are written in brackets. If there are no bracket changes, the directions apply to both sizes.
SIZE: Small 40” around shoulders, (Medium, 46” around shoulders)
MATERIALS: 400m worsted/Aran weight yarn (500 m Chunky yarn)
5mm circ needles 60/80cm long (8mm circ needles 60/80cm long)
1. Cast on 200 sts loosely. Join in the round, being carful not to twist the stitches around the needle.
2. Knit in rounds for 9” (12”).
3. Dec round: *K2, K2tog. Repeat from * to the end of the round. 150 sts.
4. Knit for 2”.
5. Dec round: *K1, K2tog. Repeat from * to end of the round. 100 sts. **
6. Knit 3” more. Cast off loosely.
Optional higher neck: Work to ** then Knit 2”.
Dec round: *K2, K2tog. 75sts.
Knit 2” cast off loosely.

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