Don't you love the look of this sideways garter stitch toque? Who knew how sharp a garter stitch rectangle could look?
WOOLY BULLY is a wonderfully coloured thick and thin yarn from Estelle Designs. We've used it here, alternating 2 different colourways. See note below.
SIZE: Hat: Average adult size. Scarf: 72” before fringe

MATERIALS: 2 skeins of WOOLY BULLY bulky fashion yarn
1 pair each of 6mm (hat) and 8 or 10mm (scarf) needles

TENSION: Hat 8sts=4” in garter stitch
Scarf 6 sts=4”.

Using 6mm needles, cast on 30 sts.
Knit every row until piece measure 19” – 21” when measured hanging from the needle. Cast off.
Using a piece of sturdy yarn of a similar colour, sew the cast on and cast off edges together. At the end of the seam, pick up 1 stitch at the end of each knitted ridge onto the sewing needle and thread the yarn through, all around the top of the hat. Pull tightly and sew through these ends again to secure the gather. Fasten off tightly.
Fold up brim to 3 ½” and tack in place if desired.

Fringe (if desired) Cut 50 pieces of yarn 16” long before beginning.
Using 8 or 10mm needles, cast on 18 sts and knit every row until there is enough yarn left to cast off.
Cast off loosely and stretch scarf to its full length.
Using 5 pieces of the cut fringe yarn, attach strands to each corner, the middle and quarter marks of each edge using an overhand knot.

NOTE: This pattern can be made using any yarn(s) that combined or alone give the tension indicated above.
To use 2 contrasting colours of WOOLY BULLY, alternate the colours throughout every 2 rows, carrying the unused colour on the side.

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