Scandi-Style Scarf in 2 colours

200m worsted weight yarn in each of colours A and B. (total 400m).
5.0mm needles.

Size: 14” x 70” approx.

k2tog – Knit 2 together
Tbl – through back loop.

While this scarf is a very easy knit it is important to keep track of which pattern row you are working. It may be helpful to use a locking marker to mark the right side of the work.

With colour A cast on 4 stitches.
Increase section:
Row 1 (RS) – Knit 1, yo, knit to end of row. 5 sts.
Row 2 (WS) - Knit to last 2 stitches, k1tbl, k1.
Row 3 – Knit.
Row 4 – Knit.
Repeat rows 1-4 with colour A to a total of 60 sts ending after row 4.

Join colour B but do not cut colour A.
Work rows 1 & 2 of increase section with colour B. 61 sts.
Work rows 3 & 4 of increase section with colour A.
Continue working rows 1-4 of increase pattern alternating colours as before to a total of 63 stitches ending after row 4.

Decrease Section:
Row 1 (RS) – Using colour B - Knit 1, k2tog tbl, knit to end. 62 sts.
Row 2 (WS) – Using colour B -Knit.
Row 3 – Using colour A -Knit.
Row 4 – Using Colour A – Knit.

Repeat rows 1-4 of the decrease section to 60 sts. After row 4 break colour A and continue with colour B throughout.

Repeat rows 1 – 4 of the decrease section until 4 stitches remain, ending after row 4.
Cast off the 4 sts.

Block gently and make one small pom-pom of each colour and attach to the points of the scarf.

Copyright 2014 Alana Baig for KnitTraders of Kingston
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Chunky Reversing Cowl

Reversing Cowl
SIZE: approx. 36” x 10”
MATERIALS: 2 - 100g of Sirdar HUSKY (or 125m of any bulky yarn)
12mm circular needle, at least 6 0cm long.
GAUGE: not essential for the project
Cast on 90 stitches VERY LOOSELY.
1st row: knit. Turn
2nd row: Purl. Join in a round, making sure not to twist the stitches around the needle.
Purl in rounds until the first ball is used. Attach a second ball.
Knit around until there is approximately 5m left.
Cast off VERY LOOSELY. Sew in ends, using the cast on end to close the circle.


Jewel Cowl

This is a perfect touch of sparkle and colour to dress up any outfit. Works great with any ribbon or summer yarn in worsted/aran weight.

MATERIALS: 1 ball Diamond Select Jewel Metallic or similar fashion yarn.

-5mm needles.

DIRECTIONS: Cast on 30sts.
Knit 2 rows

Pattern: Row 1: K1, *K1 wrapping the yarn around the needle twice. Repeat from * to the last stitch. K1

Row 2: Knit each stitch, dropping the 2nd wrap from the needle.

Row 3: Knit.

Repeat these 3 rows until the ball is nearly all gone, ending with 2 more knit rows.

Cast off loosely. Sew up the seam.

Copyright 2014, Anne Woodall. KnitTraders of Kingston. Email: shop@knittraders.com www.knittraders.com


Summer Infinity Scarf

Size: Long enough to wrap 3 times around the neck.
Materials: 100g of any light cotton or ribbon yarn.
                     6.5mm circular needles of any length.

LOOSELY cast on 160 stitches. Place a marker to indicate the beginning of the round and join in a circle. (not that it isn't important to avoid twisting when joining as it adds to the affect.
Purl 9 rounds.
Knit 9 rounds.
Purl 9 rounds.
Note: you can repeat the last 18 rounds for a more substantial scarf but the one in the picture only has the 27 rounds of the pattern.



Size: Approx. 44” by 10”

Materials: 200g worsted weight yarn (approx. 400m)
5.5mm crochet hook

sc: single crochet                                     dc: double crochet
sl st: slip stitch ch: chain

Directions: Chain 152.
1st round: sc in the 2nd chain from the hook. 1 sc in each ch around. 150 sts.
Join with a sl st into the 1st sc of the 1st round being careful not to twist the circle.

2nd round: ch3, dc in each sc below. Join to the top chain at the beginning of the round with a sl st.

3rd round: Ch 1, sc in each dc around. Join to the ch 1 with a sl st.

Repeat rounds 2 and 3 until the yarn is nearly all gone, ending with a sc round.

Sew in all ends.

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