MATERIALS: -3 balls (400m without fringe, 450m with fringe) of Elba ribbon yarn (or other shiny fine tape type yarn).
8mm needles.

DIRECTIONS: Cast on 2 sts.
Row 1: K1, Yfwd, Knit to the end.
Repeat this row until the 1st ball is finished.
Next row: K1, Yfwd, Knit to the last 3 sts, increase in the next stitch, K2.
Repeat this row until there are approximately 180 sts. Cast off very loosely.

Fringes: Cut approximately 35 pieces of yarn 36 inches long.
Fold each piece in 2 then fold in half and pull through the first Yfwd space and loop over to make a tassel of 1 loop and 2 ends.
Repeat for each tassel, spacing them evenly up the outside edges of the shawl in every 2nd Yfwd space, leaving 24 inches at each end of the shawl free of tassels (for tying).

Note: When joining another ball of yarn, tie the ends together, leaving 6 inch tails. When the shawl is finished, sew the tails through the fabric of the shawl and secure with a few stitches of sewing thread if desired.

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