Boot Toppers

SIZE:  1 size fits most, can be adjusted to fit.

MATERIALS:     Minimum of 100m of good quality worsted/ Aran weight wool                                                                divided into 2 equal balls.
                        -8mm needles. (Note: if the boots are particularly wide at the top, you can use a larger needle, up to size 12mm).                        

DIRECTIONS:   Cast on 28.
Row 1: K16, (P2, K4) to the end.
Row 2: (P4, K2) 3 times, K10.
Repeat these 2 rows until the first ball is nearly all gone or until it fits snuggly when stretched around the top of the boot - Approx. 17".

Cast off loosely. Sew up the seam.

Fold in half with the garter stitch band to the inside. Slip over the top of the boot to fit. Make second topper. 

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