Ladder Yarn Necklace

MATERIALS: 50g ball of any fashion ladder yarn.
-5.5mm crochet hook.
-hook and eye closure.
Leave .5m (20 inch) tail of yarn and make a slip knot. Chain 40 stitches. Leave .5m (20 inch) tail and cut the yarn. Pull the yarn through the last stitch. Repeat for 12 to 20 strands depending on the thickness of the yarn and how big you want the necklace.
Gather all strands, holding them at the slip knot and tie them together by wrapping the tails around your finger and pulling all through the the loop. Do the same for the tails at the other end of the chains.
Divide each end of the necklace into 3 equal groups of tails and braid loosely. Tie a knot to secure the end. Hold the necklace around your neck to determine the finished length that you wish. Tie a firm knot as above at the desired length of each side and trim the ends. Sew the hook and eye closure to each end.
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