Suri Prism Alpaca Scarf

MATERIALS: 1 (2) skein(s) SURI PRISM 96% brushed alpaca.
10mm needles.
SIZE: The scarf is about 6"-8" wide. 1 skein makes a scarf that is approx. 48" long. 2 skeins makes a great statement of a scarf that will wrap you several times in a cloud of colour and softness.
Loosely cast on 18 sts.
Row 1 and all odd numbered rows: K1, K 2 tog. Knit to the last 2 sts. Increase one stitch in the second last stitch of the row. K1.
Rows 2 & 4: Knit.
Rows 6,8,10: Purl.
Repeat these 10 rows until the yarn is nearly all gone, ending with Row 4 or 5 if possible.
Cast off loosely.

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